New bombshell evidence suggests Sherri Papini faked her abduction!


Late last year California mother Sherri Papini mysteriously vanished, after weeks of frantic searching she was found with her body covered in bruises, her long blonde hair cut off and significantly under weight. She was found on the side of the road 150 miles away from her home.

Many online sleuths doubted her story and speculated that this could have been a devious hoax. She claimed two Hispanic females abducted her. Most kidnappers of women are men. She claimed they were wearing masks but gave descriptions of their hair, piercings on their face and detailed the age differences in her alleged abductors. If they were wearing a mask how could she give those descriptions? Those are some of the holes in her story.

Now new bombshell information has released. When she was a teen, Papini inflicted injuries on herself and blamed her own mother for it. The Sheriff also told ABC News: “There should not be a public safety or a personal safety concern by the public regarding this case.” People are reading between the lines on that statement, speculating that the police are now doubting Papini’s story, because if there are two Hispanic females on the loose, kidnapping and beating housewives, that is cause for concern.

High profile legal eagles Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams appeared on Good Morning America and faced off with each other about this. Abrams found the new details extremely relevant to the case, while Grace defended Pappini and described all of this as “victim blaming.” However, Grace did concede that the statement made by the Sheriff and the earbuds belonging to Pappini are significant.

Pappini’s earbuds were discovered in her yard, she vanished while jogging. As Nancy Grace noted on Good Morning America, her earbuds were coiled neatly around her phone and found in the grass. Which suggests a sloppy attempt at staging. If two people abducted a woman while jogging, most would think the earbuds would not be folded neatly around her phone. That the captors would just grab them and throw them randomly or Papini dropped her phone in a struggle to get away from her captors. In either scenario why would the earbuds be folded neatly around the phone?

What do you think of the case? Could this be an evil hoax perpetrated by Papini, maybe she has a mental illness that has carried over into her adult life? Or is she a victim that is being further victimized by having her past picked apart and used against her?

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