Could a dangerous knife wielding killer be released?


The man above is convicted killer Rudi Apelt. He was convicted of stabbing his sister-in-law, 30-year-old Cynthia Monkman to death in Arizona. Also involved in the evil murder scheme was his brother, convicted murderer, Michael Apelt.

The devious duo came to the United States from Germany with a scheme to take advantage of women financially. Unfortunately, they made Cynthia Monkman their target. Michael Apelt married her a month after relocating to the States and took out a $400,000 life insurance policy out on her.

A day after the policy became effective, December 23rd, 1988 the two scheming brothers took Monkman into the desert and killed her. Michael Apelt reported his wife missing the next day. Her body was later found in a desert near Apache Junction, AZ.

The two con men were sentenced to death and then they began their next sick scheme. They wanted to con a judge into believing they were mentally retarded. The Supreme Court ruled the mentally retarded could not be executed. Judge Silvia Arellano, despite a fancy law degree, (that you would assume would take a certain level of intelligence to achieve) was snowed by these two low life killers and commuted their sentence to life in prison.

Common sense would dictate that if someone is mentally retarded they would not know how to plan a premeditated murder for financial gain. Apparently Judge Arellano, a disgrace to her profession, lacks the common sense to realize that basic fact.

Maybe Arellano is against the death penalty? She has every right to be, but her political opinions should not factor into a ruling and should have strictly been about whether Apelt was mentally retarded. You should not use specific cases to wield your political opinions from the bench. If she is against the death penalty, she should step down and become a politician or activist.

Now Rudi Apelt is up for parole. The sister of the victim, Kathy Monkman Higham wrote a powerful blog where she featured her letter to the parole board. Click here to read it. 

How infuriating is it that Kathy has to go through this, every time this scheming murderer is up for parole? This knife wielding murderer conned a judge, could he possibly con a parole board?

This is Cynthia Monkman, a young woman that lost her life at the age of 30. Judge Arellano did not consider her life or her family when she made her ignorant ruling. Hopefully a parole board will.


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