Psycho “Facebook Live” killer shoots himself!

The madman in Cleveland that killed a man on “Facebook Live” killed himself after a police pursuit. Saving the tax payers a lot of money. Good riddance!

Steve Stephens was subject to a national manhunt after he randomly gunned down a 74-year-old man, Robert Godwin Sr. on Easter. Now the manhunt for the armed and dangerous psycho has ended after a police pursuit in Erie, PA.

A tipster called in to report Stephens after witnessing him in the parking lot of a fast food chain. Police caught up with Stephens and he fled from them, a short pursuit ensued and then Stephens shot himself and was pronounced dead at the scene.

This is not the end of the investigation. Anyone stupid enough to help shelter this psycho from law enforcement will face criminal charges, anyone that gave him aid knowing the evil acts he perpetrated against a 74-year-old man will also face criminal charges.

Furthermore, Stephens said on “Facebook Live” that he is responsible for killing 13 other people. There is no evidence if there is any truth to that, or if it is just the disturbed ramblings of a psychopath.

Many are wondering what the motive was for this senseless shooting of an elderly man. Reports suggest Stephens was pissed at his girlfriend and this cowardly psycho took out his frustrations on an innocent 74-year-old man that he did not know from Adam.

What is really puzzling is that Stephens was employed at a place called “Beach Brook” a place that is described as a “behavioral health agency” for children and teenagers. How would you like this gun toting lunatic around children that may have behavior problems? Yikes!

To weigh in on this case, click here. 

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