Alleged perv Bill O’Reilly booted from Fox News

Bill O’Reilly was what some would consider “The King” of cable news. He had the highest rated show not only on Fox News, but in all of cable news. He made a reported $24 million dollars a year at Fox according to Forbes. All of his books were New York Times bestsellers, many of them made into movies and he has a legion of fans.

Now “The King” has been dethroned after many accusations of sexual harassment. In 2004 a producer on his show, Andrea Mackris sued him and later settled for millions, after capturing him on audio, calling her and engaging in phone sex. The audio captured O’Reilly talking to her about vibrators, threesomes, shower sex fantasies and masturbation.

Then a Fox News host and commentator Andrea Tantaros alleged that she would appear on O’Reilly’s show and that he tried to entice her into coming to his home in Long Island and when she refused, she was no longer booked to appear on his show.

Another former Fox anchor, Juliette Huddy claimed that O’Reilly called her, she thought to talk business but it sounded as if he was masturbating on the other end of the telephone. She says that when she went to his hotel room once to meet him, he greeted her in his boxers.

On HLN, Wendy Walsh is on the far right.

The latest allegation comes from Wendy Walsh, a psychologist that I have appeared on HLN with. Walsh claimed that she was a regular guest interested in becoming a paid commentator on the network, that when O’Reilly was in Los Angeles he met with her at a restaurant in a hotel. Walsh claims that after refusing to go back to his hotel room with him, he rescinded the offer to make her a paid contributor and then she was no longer booked to make her usual free appearances on his show.

Now after advertisers refused to have their ads ran on O’Reilly’s prime time show, Fox News has decided to give their biggest star the boot.

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