Shocking new details about the suicide of disgraced football star Aaron Hernandez!

The disgraced New England Patriot turned convicted killer Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell last week. New details are emerging about 3 suicide notes the killer left his Fiancée, his young daughter and a gay lover that he was involved with behind bars.

Kyle Kennedy. Source: The Daily Mail.

The gay lover is 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy, a man serving a prison sentence for the armed robbery of a convenient store in Massachusetts.

Newsweek is also reporting that the secret gay lifestyle of Aaron Hernandez could have been the motive for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. It is alleged that Lloyd found out that Hernandez was in a relationship with a man that Hernandez went to high school with. Lloyd was dating the sister of the Fiancée of Hernandez, and it is rumored that Hernandez was worried that Lloyd would spill the beans. Right before he was arrested for Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez made large deposits into the bank account of his alleged gay lover.

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