Atlanta lawyer indicted in shooting death of his wife

Claud and Diane McIver. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A prominent attorney in Atlanta was indicted Thursday for allegedly murdering his wife, business executive of U.S. Enterprises Inc. Diane McIver. The lawyer, Claud “Tex” McIver claims that he and his wife were in a friends SUV, he was in the rear seat and she was in the front seat, when she was shot. McIver claims his gun went off by accident and that is why she was shot.

But a Fulton County, GA grand jury did not believe his version of events. is reporting that the grand jury chose to indict him for malice murder, felony murder and three counts of influencing witnesses.

The influencing witnesses indictment stems from the fact that McIver told his wife’s friend, Patricia Carter, the driver of the SUV, to say that she was not there and did not know anything about the shooting. Law enforcement also discovered that McIver contacted Carter’s husband and told him to tell his wife to stop cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation.

Claud McIver, also told his friend and spokesperson Charles Crane to inform police and the media that he had his gun out because there was a “Black Lives Matter” rally going on at the time and that he was afraid of the people at the rally. He  later changed his mind about making that his official story and wanted that retracted. He then changed his story, claiming he was afraid of homeless people in the area and had the gun out for safety purposes. He claims he fell asleep and the gun accidentally went out.

If he was afraid of either Black Lives Matter activists or homeless people, why was he falling asleep? For a lawyer, he comes up with some lame excuses and lies. I would expect something more creative.

The motive for the alleged murder was that he owed his wife $350,000 and that she had a secret will drafted before she was killed.

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