Atlanta lawyer indicted in shooting death of his wife

Claud and Diane McIver. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A prominent attorney in Atlanta was indicted Thursday for allegedly murdering his wife, business executive of U.S. Enterprises Inc. Diane McIver. The lawyer, Claud “Tex” McIver claims that he and his wife were in a friends SUV, he was in the rear seat and she was in the front seat, when she was shot. McIver claims his gun went off by accident and that is why she was shot.

But a Fulton County, GA grand jury did not believe his version of events. is reporting that the grand jury chose to indict him for malice murder, felony murder and three counts of influencing witnesses.

The influencing witnesses indictment stems from the fact that McIver told his wife’s friend, Patricia Carter, the driver of the SUV, to say that she was not there and did not know anything about the shooting. Law enforcement also discovered that McIver contacted Carter’s husband and told him to tell his wife to stop cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation.

Claud McIver, also told his friend and spokesperson Charles Crane to inform police and the media that he had his gun out because there was a “Black Lives Matter” rally going on at the time and that he was afraid of the people at the rally. He  later changed his mind about making that his official story and wanted that retracted. He then changed his story, claiming he was afraid of homeless people in the area and had the gun out for safety purposes. He claims he fell asleep and the gun accidentally went out.

If he was afraid of either Black Lives Matter activists or homeless people, why was he falling asleep? For a lawyer, he comes up with some lame excuses and lies. I would expect something more creative.

The motive for the alleged murder was that he owed his wife $350,000 and that she had a secret will drafted before she was killed. removes poem celebrating wanted cop killer!

The leading network for sports fans, ESPN, posted a poem on their website, celebrating a fugitive cop killer. Assata Shakur is a domestic terrorist on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and a member of hate groups (classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center) such as “the New Black Panther Party” and “the Black Liberation Army.”

Ignorant ESPN writer DaMaris B. Hill a professor at the University of Kentucky, considers Shakur a “feminist” that needs to be celebrated with poems, despite the fact that she is wanted for the 1973 shooting of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster. The cop killer was serving a prison sentence, but escaped in 1979 and fled to Cuba. Shakur received political asylum in Cuba and has been there since the late 1980’s. There is a $2 million reward for this dangerous cop killers capture.

ESPN was flooded with criticism for celebrating an evil, hate filled, cop killer and yanked the tribute from their site. Many people were shaking their heads at the disgusting display and even scratching their heads… What does this hate filled murderer have to do with sports? No wonder ESPN had to lay off hundreds of employees this week because of a loss of subscribers. People go to for coverage of sports, not poems dedicated to a domestic terrorist and cop killer that is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Shocking new details about the suicide of disgraced football star Aaron Hernandez!

The disgraced New England Patriot turned convicted killer Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell last week. New details are emerging about 3 suicide notes the killer left his Fiancée, his young daughter and a gay lover that he was involved with behind bars.

Kyle Kennedy. Source: The Daily Mail.

The gay lover is 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy, a man serving a prison sentence for the armed robbery of a convenient store in Massachusetts.

Newsweek is also reporting that the secret gay lifestyle of Aaron Hernandez could have been the motive for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. It is alleged that Lloyd found out that Hernandez was in a relationship with a man that Hernandez went to high school with. Lloyd was dating the sister of the Fiancée of Hernandez, and it is rumored that Hernandez was worried that Lloyd would spill the beans. Right before he was arrested for Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez made large deposits into the bank account of his alleged gay lover.

Breaking: Creepy 50-year-old teacher Tad Cummins arrested, 15-year-old student Elizabeth Thomas alive!


A 50-year-old perverted teacher in Tennessee was fired from his job after kissing a 15-year-old student, Elizabeth Thomas. He then took off with Thomas in March and that sparked a nation wide manhunt.

The two were found in a commune in Northern California, 120 miles South of Oregon. He is in custody in California, awaiting extradition to Tennessee. He is facing charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping.

There were some trolls that tried to claim the 15-year-old girl went willingly. However, her sister says the morning before Thomas took off with her, Elizabeth Thomas told her to call cops if she did not return home by 6 PM.

Moreover, “The Tennessean” reported Cummins would often pick Elizabeth up at home and take her out to eat and threatened that if she told anyone what what going on, that she would get in trouble at school.

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Alleged perv Bill O’Reilly booted from Fox News

Bill O’Reilly was what some would consider “The King” of cable news. He had the highest rated show not only on Fox News, but in all of cable news. He made a reported $24 million dollars a year at Fox according to Forbes. All of his books were New York Times bestsellers, many of them made into movies and he has a legion of fans.

Now “The King” has been dethroned after many accusations of sexual harassment. In 2004 a producer on his show, Andrea Mackris sued him and later settled for millions, after capturing him on audio, calling her and engaging in phone sex. The audio captured O’Reilly talking to her about vibrators, threesomes, shower sex fantasies and masturbation.

Then a Fox News host and commentator Andrea Tantaros alleged that she would appear on O’Reilly’s show and that he tried to entice her into coming to his home in Long Island and when she refused, she was no longer booked to appear on his show.

Another former Fox anchor, Juliette Huddy claimed that O’Reilly called her, she thought to talk business but it sounded as if he was masturbating on the other end of the telephone. She says that when she went to his hotel room once to meet him, he greeted her in his boxers.

On HLN, Wendy Walsh is on the far right.

The latest allegation comes from Wendy Walsh, a psychologist that I have appeared on HLN with. Walsh claimed that she was a regular guest interested in becoming a paid commentator on the network, that when O’Reilly was in Los Angeles he met with her at a restaurant in a hotel. Walsh claims that after refusing to go back to his hotel room with him, he rescinded the offer to make her a paid contributor and then she was no longer booked to make her usual free appearances on his show.

Now after advertisers refused to have their ads ran on O’Reilly’s prime time show, Fox News has decided to give their biggest star the boot.

Terri Horman, last person to see missing child Kyron Horman alive, accused of another murder-for-hire plot!


Terri Horman, last person to see missing child Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman vanished in June of 2010 in Portland, Oregon. The last person to see him alive was his stepmother Terri Horman. Shortly after the 8-year-old was reported missing, Kyron’s father dumped Terri after he was told that Terri had approached a landscaper to kill him 5 months before Kyron vanished.

The landscaper told law enforcement and law enforcement armed with with a wire, he met with Horman however they were not able to obtain any evidence from her mouth that she was guilty of the alleged murder-for-hire, so she was never charged.

Moreover, there was a grand jury investigation into Terri Horman’s role in Kyron’s disappearance, Terri Horman was never indicted and Kyron has never been found. Kyron’s biological mother filed a lawsuit against Terri Horman, claiming she was responsible for Kyron’s disappearance, but the lawsuit was later dropped.


Now, almost 7 years after Kyron has vanished, we learn Terri Horman was investigated for ANOTHER murder-for-hire plot! In 1990 when Terri Horman was 20-years-old she allegedly arranged for her boyfriend at the time to be killed. The boyfriend, Sean Rea said he went to a park with Terri and a man ran towards him with a gun and Terri said “he’s here for you.” No shots were fired and Rea dumped Horman after that.

Rea said an inmate even confessed to a murder-for-hire scheme decades ago to law enforcement. Despite all that, no charges were filed against Terri Horman, even though the case from 1990 remains open.

This makes the murder-for-hire accusation against Terri Horman, leveled against her after Kyron’s disappearance even more credible and shows a pattern of criminal activity dating back to the 90’s.

This is one lucky woman, suspected of so many crimes, but always wiggling her way out.

Terri Horman is living in Northern California and using the alias Terri Moulton.

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Murderer Aaron Hernandez hangs himself in prison

Former New England Patriot and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell. This news comes days after his acquittal in a double murder trial where he was accused of shooting Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu outside of a nightclub in Boston. One of his lawyers, was the infamous Jose Baez who gained national recognition after snagging an acquittal for alleged baby killer Casey Anthony.

While people post “RIP Aaron Hernandez” and feign sympathy for the murderer with crying emoji’s, let’s remember the real victim, Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was serving a life sentence for killing him. Text messages show Hernandez met up with Lloyd the night of his shooting and security footage shows Hernandez returning home armed with a gun. Lloyd’s body was discovered in an industrial park near where Hernandez lived. The case against him was very strong.

Good riddance.

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